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Mastering Arousal Control
In one week, you can learn to how to master Arousal Control to achieve you potential from bedroom to beyond.
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International Coach and Libido Counselor. 

Featured in Psychology Today, AskMen, Gotham Club, Fearless Man, Elite Man, TimeOut New York, GoodMenProject, and more.

Hi friend,

Over the past seven years I've coached hundreds of men from age 19 to 69 and I've noticed an unfortunate trend...

Most men are depleted... and they don't even realize it. 

Most guys I talk to are living at half mast. Often it shows up in their bedroom performance, but the implication go much further than that.

This depletion prevents them from experiencing their potential in relationships, creativity, and even financial success.

It's no one's fault. The modern man's vitality is drained by incorrect sexual information, suppressed instincts, and a cultural message that puts masculinity down.

My name is Ruwan and I used to suffer from serious depletion. 

It affected both my body and mind (I'll tell you the story later). Not only did I get my mojo back, I far surpassed my old standards "virility" both in sex and in life.

Now I'm committed to helping other men achieve their full potential, starting with the most primal creative drive.

I made this series because I was giving the same advice to guys in 1 to 1 sessions. And I want every man to have access his power.

If you want to get to full potency in sex, relationships, and success enjoy this free series.
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